Influencer Marketing

We naturally deliver what brands want to say to the target audience through influencers. We produce influencer marketing strategies in line with the expectations of brands and we plan effective influencer mix in accordance with these strategies and create effective communication works with digital projects specific to our brands. Finally, we start the reporting process to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


Influencer Marketing Strategies

In line with the demands of brands, we conduct researches on what will be the communication activities that will have an impact on the target audience. We build our communication plan on the solid strategies we have created as a result of these researches.


Creative Content

In order to make the communication activities of our brands more effective, we support the influencers through their production process of creative content. when necessary, we produce content in our studio.


Influencer Match

We are planning the best mix of domestic or foreign influencer for our brands as soon as possible. We work with thousands of influencers, from travel to fashion, from mother & child to healthy eating and gaming / entertainment.

Micro Influencer
Sometimes micro influencer usage in campaigns can be crucial. Other than macro influencers, we can suggest hundreds of micro influencers to our customers.


We also offer reporting services to our brands in order to measure the performance of the influencer marketing applications we have created.

The data we provide to our brands for the accounts we offer on YouTube and Instagram are as follows; Number of followers, influencer's interaction rate, with which brands he works, interaction rate in branded collaborations, follower location information (country-city ratio), female&male ratio, real&fake follower ratios, follower interests, and the languages in which the followers speak.

Digital Video Production

Thanks to our expert YouTube content team and rich equipment support, we help our brands produce fast consumer videos and digital movies.

In order to maximize the impact of influencer marketing that our customers expect, we support the process of creating video content.

Our services;

  • YouTube Channel Management and Optimization
  • Strategy Development and Creative Content Support
  • Production and Live Broadcast Support
  • Event Videos

Event Management and Organization

We offer a wide range of event management services for our partner brands, from organizing launch events with a large number of influencers to organizing workshops for smaller groups.

  • Launches
  • Workshops
  • Travel
  • Gifting